Video’s to Change Your Life

by Matthew E. Parrott

in DiscipleshipGuy, Faith

Back in March, IHOP-KC had two speakers talk on the issue of Holiness and Righteousness.  Both of these video's are phenomenal, I especially like the one by John Melinde.  You can watch both of them at the links below.

IHOP Prayer Room

The first video is with Dwayne Robertson speaking on the Fear of the Lord.  In order to watch it go to the IHOP-KC Prayer Room, then use the scroll on the right hand side to go to 8 PM March 4th.  It should be called Laura Hackett – EGS.  Then skip to minute mark 14:20.

The second video is by John Melinde.  This is a hard message to hear, even for mature Christians.  John really forces you to take a deep long look at yourself, and then decide how much of God you want.  The end result should push you closer to the Lord.


Apparently you can download the video by John Melinde from the IHOP-KC blog.  Here is the link to download the John Melinde Video.  From the blog post, you can watch the video, download the video, or you can download it as an MP3.

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